My surfboard

This blog post is about surfing.  To be more particular, it’s about my surfboard. To be even more particular, its a love letter to my surfboard. I honestly don’t know who came up with the prompt, but it showed up on my homework spreadsheet. Which is why, I have to write a love letter to my surfboard. This will be very fun. 🙂



Dear Surfboard,

You are so beautiful. Even though your color is forest green and has nothing to do with the ocean. You are unique and that is one of your personalities that I love about you. You have a tree tattooed on yourself, which is a nice design, but you are made of fiberglass not paper. You are such an amazing size. I can actually fit my arm around you without hurting myself. You feel light under my feet as I take a sharp turn. You give me the power to run on  waves, for if you weren’t there below, I would just sink in the water.

Thank you for being my surfboard and letting surf in Nicaragua.

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One thought on “My surfboard

  1. A love letter to a surf board – but you were a little critical. Never mind, if you love something, that is the only important thing.
    Kisses and hugs, GS

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