As you may know, our grandparents just came to visit us. It was super fun and relaxing. We went to the beach, went to an active volcano, and we went to the town Granada.  And in Granada, we made chocolate!


At the chocolate making place, we learn house cacao beans were made, and where they are grown, and the we roasted the beans over a fire and stirred them. We had to do this embarrassing dance the supposedly made the beans taste better.


Once it smelled like chocolate, and the beans started to make popping noises, we took them out. Then, we took the shells off of the the beans, ate a couple of them, (which were bitter, but surprisingly good) and took them back inside.

Inside, we each got a stone bowl and this grinding thing, and then our teacher, Kenny each of us around 10 beans. After that, we grounded them until they were paste. The winner (that was Mom) got to make an extra chocolate bar.


Then, the paste was put into a pitcher along with like 5 other ingredients to make a yummy drink. Then we stirred it, and whoever stirred it the best (which was Sam) got another chocolate bar. Then we made another drink that was like a better version of hot chocolate. SOOOO yummy!


Then is was time to make chocolate bars! When all the chocolate was ready, we poured the into molds the shape of chocolate bars and put 2 ingredients in them. (I put marshmallows and cacao chips in mine, but others would put like sea salt and almonds).

Here are the pictures!!!

Lucy's chocolate mushache

Lucy’s chocolate mustache

some of the yummy chocolate bars

some of the yummy chocolate bars

roasting the beans over the fire

roasting the beans over the fire

Nana and Mom

Nana and Mom

work it Nana!

work it Nana!


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