There are lots of restaurants near and around Gigante, but there are a few that stick out. Here, we will be naming our favorite restaurants, and telling you about them.  (Not listed in any particular order).


  •  El Camino (or, as we call it, John’s) is a restaurant owned by this guy named John. And i’m telling you, he is EVERYWHERE. He does the sunset cruises, horseback riding, trash cleanup, open mike, has a restaurant, and a hostel. The food is pretty good, but we mostly like it because everyone is having a good time, and there is lots to do.
the restraant and bar

the restraant and bar


  • Pili’s Kitchen is an amazing restaurant with amazing food. It is on Playa Colorado, a fast wave with a great barrel. Pili’s is in a gated community, so it is pretty hard to get there, but one you do get in, it’s awesome. (The nachos and chocolate chip pancakes are AMAZING!!!)
  • Yolanda’s Cafe Is a Nica restaurant with all typical food. They have really yummy food, and Yolanda is super nice (she is like this super sweet 100 year old lady with pet monkeys). The monkeys. Yolanda has 4 super cute (but a little annoying) pet monkeys. She feeds them Mangos and lollipops.
    tostones con queso (fried plantains with cheese

    tostones con queso (fried plantains with cheese)

    playing with the monkeys

    playing with the monkeys


  • Magnific Rock overlooks this amazing rock carved by the ocean. It is on Popoyo beach, a great place to learn. The smoothies are really good, and so is the food. Also, It has a yoga deck, a pool, a bar, and a surf hostel.  mag rock1
  •  Agua Beach is the restraunt in our neighborhood. It is part of Aqua Wellness resort, and has some really good food. Also, it is an AMAZING spot for watching sunsets, and has really good pizza.  aqua

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