Awesome times with visitors

I had a really great time with everyone who visited us the entire time, but there were some especially fun times that I want to talk about in this blog.

Grammy and Grandaddy  

 Some super fun things that we did with Grammy and Grandaddy were going on a boat to visit San Juan del Sur, visiting Masaya wolcano, playing charades, and riding TONS of waves!  On the boat ride to San Juan del Sur, we had fun time chatting, and almost missed the dolphin jumping fully out of the water! We had a great lunch on the beach, rode some waves like we do every time that we go to a beach with waves, and after swimming we went for some delicious icecream.  Thank you Grammy and Grandaddy so so much for coming to visit us!

IMG_0393  IMG_0226  IMG_0229  IMG_0254

IMG_0245  IMG_0497 IMG_0532

The Hartmans

I had a GREAT time when the Hartmans visited us! I loved playing at the beach, going to yoga, riding in the back of the car, eating popsicles, boogie boarding, putting on crazy colored Zinka, playing in the pool, visiting Granada, all that fun stuff if you know what I mean. Thank you so so much for coming to see us and Nicaragua! IMG_0644  IMG_0600  IMG_0615  IMG_0621  IMG_4454  IMG_0628cropped-imag0011_burst008.jpg

The Burdicks

We did lots of fun and exciting things with the Burdicks! For example, visiting Ometepe, hiking to a waterfall on Ometepe, which was very fun but very hot, so it was very rewarding when we got to the refreshing waterfall at the top! Went on a very fun sunset cruise (Catamaran), boogie boarded, body surfed, dug in the sand, swam in the pool, and much much more! Thank you so so much for visiting!

photo 4  photo 1  1431012720981  photo 3  2015_04_Nicaragua_0356  2015_04_Nicaragua_0079  2015_04_Nicaragua_1658IMG_0772   Nanna and Poppy

  We did a ton of fun and exciting things with Nanna and Poppy while they were in Nicaragua. We did a lot of painting and art with Nanna (I would say more about that but Samantha is already doing a blog on that), we went to the beach a few times but not to much because there was a huge swell with some waves that were got up to 15 feet! The biggest wave that we saw was probably 20 feet! Anyways, we also went on a sunset cruse like the one that we went on with the Burdicks. Then we left Gigante bay and drove to Opoyo, a small lake in the crater of a volcano with the deepest water in Central America! After that we went to Granada, had great food, went on a really fun Nicaraguan chocolate making tour, and swam in the hotels giant swimming pool. during the time that we were in Granada it even rained! Thank you so so much for coming to visit us Nanna and Poppy!!!!!

IMG_1321  IMG_1354  IMG_1362 IMG_1375   IMG_1378  IMG_1293


roasting the beans over the fire

roasting the beans over the fire

IMG_1416  IMG_1413    I hope that everyone who visited us (In my opinion) made all of Nicaragua extremely happy! I surely hope that more will decide that they need a nice relaxing week in the sunshine and on the beautiful beaches of Nicaragua!

2 thoughts on “Awesome times with visitors

  1. Lucy (and La Wallys)
    We had soooo much fun visiting you and creating new memories with your family. Thanks for sharing your stories and many laughs with us. Ewwww!
    the Burdicks

    • hahahahahaha!!!!! Thank YOU guys for visiting us! Sorry that there were no pictures, but i just added them! thanks for sending them, they are really great pics!!!!

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