Popoyo trip

About 2 weeks ago, we had our latest girls surfing trip in Popoyo. It’s about 5 beaches over from Gigante. Its a really fun wave. They are a small height and soft and rolling. Which makes it a really long ride and it’s really fun.

Turner, Lucy, and I go with our surf instructor Carly, who is a really good surfer and we have all gotten much better with her. She makes it really fun and I think Lucy likes it now. Not that she’d admit it or anything… (she gets kinda freaked out about surfing.)

Popoyo is a really beautiful beach too. its really rocky but but there are huge pieces of driftwood and pebbles that make it a photographer’s paradise. The rocks are like giant slates that jutt into the water. It really beautiful.

The pictures are really beautiful and i hope you like them.

IMAG0103_BURST002_1 (1) 1430272618565 1430272621440 (2)IMG_1065IMG_1021IMG_1033IMG_1029

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